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"Hey! I'm back!" He called out before her got tackled to the ground by an orange masked blur. "RAPH!" He stated before looking at him a teary eyed. "I'm so glad you're okay! When those guys took you we did not know where you were taken and and…" He stared at his brother his irritated expression fading as he pulled him into a hug.

"I'm okay little brother.. Not even the most fortified location could keep me locked up for long." He says to calmly him before looking up to see his other two brothers and his father. The youngest got up allowing for him to stand. He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at everyone.

"Raphael. I would like for you to follow me. There is much you need to tell me about your recent adventure." He tensed up a little when the ninja master asked him to follow him. He reluctantly nodded and follows him to the dojo. 'What am I going to say? I was hoping he would not ask me yet.'

He silently mulled over what he was going to say to him as they went the dojo kneeling beside his father, conflict of what he wanted to tell him apparent in his expression. He wipes his sweaty palms on his knee pads resting them there before looking up at the one who raised him.

"I was captured by a group of mutant hunters. They caught me off guard after I stormed off from the others. Mikey had heard my shouting and saw them drag me into their vehicle, which I am guessing he had told you about that part… After a while we had reached a base for a scientist who is working on trying to make super soldiers, at least from what I was told by the girl I had escaped with. She is currently someplace safe that I can go by to keep tabs on her since she got injured… I did not know if I should bring her here or not… so yeah…" He says a paraphrase of what had happened not really sure if he could keep his cool about what that scientist was going to try to force him and his new acquaintance to do.

"I see.. Raphael. I want you to bring this person to the lair so I can speak to her tomorrow after training. She may have more information to shed on this new threat towards our family." The rat master instructed while stroking his beard. He felt himself tense up slightly frowning but bowed his head respectfully. "Hai sensei…"

Once his father allowed him to leave he stood up and walked out grumbling heading to his room. His expression softened when he saw his pet, a magenta color space turtle, Chompy Picasso. "Hey there little buddy. Sorry I was gone for a little while." He says going over and sitting on his bed before picking him up and laid down setting him on his chest. The little creature made soft chirp like sounds nuzzling his nose.

"Yeah I missed you too. I had quite stressful several days. Though… I guess it is not all bad.. Shen does seem harmless enough but still… I hardly know anything about her and if those people do or don't have her mind controlled or something." He sighed while petting the adorable animal's back while going deep into thought.

"If she is then I hope Donnie can free her, and if she isn't she seems like she would be a good friend once we all get to know each other… I don't know.. Heh maybe you can let me know when I bring her tomorrow if you think she is okay or not?" He looked down into the eyes of his tiny friend with a half grin. Feeling better after having spent time with his pet he lays his head back closing his eyes drifting off into sleep feeling more at peace than he has in a long while.

She hummed softly to herself as she balanced herself on her good foot while browsing what was available for food. "Looks like I am having ramen.." She says to herself as she stretched up grabbing the package and a bowl setting the pot of water on to boil. She was so glad she did not have to wear that tattered cloth anymore. She smiled slightly as she glanced down at the burgundy top and the dark gray legging like pants.

"Only thing missing is a pair of custom made boots and I could walk around outside this place." She stated remembering when she opened the door earlier that morning that she was in the sewers. She made a face of distaste of her being in an in closed space and sighed.

"Well… at least those creeps would not think to look into the sewers." She sat down mulling over random things not aware that the one who brought her here has come in and made his way over standing behind her.

"Do you oftenly talk to yourself?" Her eyes widen as she let out a startled epp sound that sounded very much like a squirrel getting scared as she leaped up whirling around standing on her good foot her back to the counter space. She stared at him as he blinked at her then started to laugh profusely.

"Oh god you should see your face! Hahaha!" He exclaimed laughing very hard holding his gut. Her face flushed as red as his mask with embarrassment before glaring at him. "That's not funny! I get startled very easy!" She huffs crossing her arms as she pouted.

"Sorry, anyways… um.." He says regaining his composure though with a half grin plastered on his face as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I was thinking… maybe my brother can check your ankle or something.. he is better at the medical stuff than me and if there is anything broken he could help it heal right. That and my father wants to talk to you… about the place we escaped from…" He glanced away kicking at something slightly as she arched her brow glancing to the stove turning off the stove.

"Alright… though I don't think it is a good idea for me to walk through the sewers… at least not until I have the materials to make myself some boots…" She says smiling awkwardly. He looked up arching a brow at her before shrugging. "Whatever you say princess." He stated with mischief in the tone of his voice making her narrow her eyes at him. "I see you're in a good mood." She huffed rolling her eyes.

He chuckled in response. "Yeah well not every day I get to startle a girl mutant, at least not one that I can hang out… with… anyway come on. Let's get going." He stated going over to her scooping her up making her epp again and grinned slightly laughing. She rolled her eyes again, but she smiled softly this time. She looked up at him arching a brow. "If you don't mind me asking what is your brother like?"

He shrugged heading to the door "Eh I got three brothers… The one that is going to tend to your ankle is called Donatello, but he goes by Donnie. Out of the four of us he is the tallest, he is also the smartest and talks geek a lot. The other two is Michelangelo who goes by Mikey and Leonardo who goes by Leo. Mikey tends to like to be the goof and is the youngest out of the four of us, and Leo is the eldest and the leader of our group. I am the second eldest so yeah…" He says not looking down at her as he talk. "What about you? Do you got any family? I figured from the way you look you were human before getting mutated."

She bit her lower lip slightly and nodded. "Yeah, I have a dad and mom, and a younger brother… He actually is very smart, but also goofs off a lot. They know I am a mutant and accepted me, though I chose not to live with them because I was not sure if in the future I would have a situation like the one that had happened or not… I did not want them to get hurt because of me… I would rather die than let that happen…" She looked down at her lap sighing her expression saddening. It was obvious she missed them.

She felt him pause for a moment as he looked down at her before continuing forward again not really saying anything, she did not say anything either but she was paying attention to her surrounding so she could find her way back to the room she was in if she was allowed to stay there still.

After a while they reached the area that she guess was his home and she felt her eyes widen in awe at the sheer size of it. "Wow, your home is awesome.." She said with a smile hearing him scoff she looked up at him and he half smiled. "Yeah. Home sweet home."
Oh! It is soon time to meet the others, least for Shen. :P Mikey is adorable. Why must that lil munchkin have problems with his brother going missing. :( Least he is home safe and sound now.
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