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He smiled slightly as he watched her look around with her eyes in awe of how the lair, his home, looked. 'Well if she was under any sort of mind control it probably would have kicked in by now to make her hurt or capture someone. Guess she is in the clear with that. And if Chompy likes her it would prove she is not working for anyone. He seems to know wither or not somebody has a dark heart.' He thought to himself relaxing a bit before looking around to try and figure out where his purple masked brother was. He wanted to get her ankle looked at now so it was taken care of and out of the way so he can take her to the ninja master whom has requested her presence.

As he looked around he noticed that the blue and orange mask turtles were sitting in the living room watching tv. He frowned slightly and rolled his eyes at the fact it was space heroes once again. "Hey Leo I thought you would have had enough of space since our little adventure last year!" He said loud enough for him to hear as he carried her over and set her down on the built in stretch of sofa that filled in around the television. He smirked slightly as the eldest turned around to say something before stopping and looked at her.

"Oh um… Hi… You must be Leo… Raph just told me about you on the way here.." She says rubbing the back of her neck before she glanced up at the red clad and back to the one whom was staring at her. "omg Hi!" The orange masked one stated before jumping up and smothered her into a hug making her epp. "Did Raph say my name to?" He asked with a big eyed expression causing her to laugh a little bit.

"Yeah. Mikey right?" The youngest turtle almost looked like he had star eyes as he hugged her tighter forcing the red clad to push him away. "Stop smothering her avocado head. Shen I'm going to get Donnie so he can check your ankle and stuff. Make yourself comfortable." He said walking off hoping his brothers do not say anything stupid while he got the resident genius.

"Hey Donnie! I need you to grab basic first aid stuff… The girl I had told you about is here and I need you to check her ankle to see how long it will be till she can walk about on her own." He stated when he walked into the room crossing his arms. Spinning his chair around his brother stood up and grabbed his stuff. "Okay Raph. I'm coming. Why didn't you tell Leo and Mikey you were bringing someone? I mean from what you said to me about sensei wanting to see her.." He got cut off by the red clad whom was sporting a sly grin. "You'll understand why when you see her. She is not your ordinary girl."

And with that he walked off back towards the living room area. He froze slightly when he saw his pet making chirp sounds at her. 'Shell I forgot to mention Chompy to her..' He was about to go over faster there thinking she may freak out but to his surprise she didn't freak out. In fact her eyes seemed to light up when she saw the little space turtle and picked him up setting him on her lap petting him gently with a bright expression plaster on her face.

Keeping himself composed he walk over and sat down on the other side of her acting nonchalant. "Raph, this is the cutest little turtle I have ever seen. I have never seen one that looked like this." She stated with a tone of glee in her voice and he can't help a slight smile. "That is because he is from space, his name is Chompy Picasso." She arched a brow him making him tense up causing her to grin. "Pretty big name for a little guy, but it seems to fit him." She says after a moment her grin turning into an amused smile. His rolled his eyes glancing away. The magenta colored animal crawled from her lap climbing up onto the red clad's shoulder nuzzling him.

"So my brother told me yo…" The purple masked turtle started to speak until he saw her. "Oh… you're not… Never mind not important.. You're ankle is hurt, may I see it?" he said coming over kneeling beside her setting his stuff down. She smiled at him nodding lifting her leg up a bit for him to look at. "Knock yourself out Doc." She stated in an non offensive playful manner causing the reddish brown eyed terrapin to chuckle.

The red clad arched his brow. 'He took that better than Leo… He's still staring.' He thought as he glanced at his older brother whom was still looking at her with a mixture of confusion and shock, completely forgetting about his show. "Leo unless you want to make it easy for bug to move in and make a little city close your mouth. I am sure our guest probably does not want you to stare at her all evening." He stated rolling his eyes before turning his attention over to his little buddy smiling softly.

He felt the eldest glaring at him but he didn't care. He just laughed. 'Totally worth it.' He thought as he glanced over to the third eldest and the blue eyed female with a slight smile. 'It's odd though; she seems at peace with us and treats us like she has known us for a while. Eh I guess it is alright I would rather that than her try to harm anyone.' He shrugged shaking his head. "Looks like you're going to have to try and not walk often on it for about a week and a half…. Um, out of curiosity what exactly are you? I don't mean to be offensive but.." He hears his intelligent brother asked causing him to arch his brow. Glancing to her face he watched her trying to see how she would react.

"Oh um… I am not really that good at biological science but my best guess is that I was mutated with the dna of a soft shelled turtle though obviously it did not completely remove certain things I had while I was human. Like hair and my figure I had.. As well as other things…" She said with a shrug. The youngest stood turning around looking at her with a grin. "Wait so you're a turtle? That is awesome now there are six total turtle mutants that we know of! We should totally invite Slash and the mutanimals over to meet her!" He chirped excitedly with a huge grin on his face. "Well if I am here at the same time they are I would be glad to meet them." She responded with amusement. "Well, I've taken care of her ankle; you better take her to Sensei now Raph." The purple clad stated after clearing his throat.

"Right… be back in a little bit Chompy." He said softly setting the small turtle down before standing up looking down at her. "Come on, I'll help you walk to where Master Splinter is." He stated after tugging her up. "alright, I'm coming." She replied as he wrapped an arm around her waist lifting her up so she was on level ground before proceeding towards the dojo. Keeping his eyes forward he felt himself start to fidget inwardly as his mind filled with questions and scenarios of what would happen after she speaks with his father. Pushing them to the back of his mind he shook it off. To late turn back now.

Shen tried her best to walk beside the now silent brooding red masked turtle as he walked forward. She wondered what could suddenly make him get so serious. 'His dad can't be all that bad.. Right?' She thought to herself as they entered what the youngest Mikey had pointed out to be the dojo from where she had sat in the living room. She looked forward and could not hold in a gasp as she looked up at the tree that has seemed to grow very strong and healthy despite being underground. "I thought your home was amazing before… but this…. " She says her eyes filled with curiosity.

"I am glad you like our home young one." She heard a voice close by and looked over to see a tall mutant rat whom had a friendly wise expression on his face. She smile softly at him. " I don't think the word like would quite cover it but yes Splinter sir. And your sons are quite hospitable to. You have raised them well." She tells him with a honest compliment making him chuckle before he looked at the emerald eyed teen whom was helping her stand. "Raphael, please help her over by the mats near the tree so we can talk, then wait outside the dojo till I call you to come back in."

She saw him bow his head from the corner of her eye and glanced at him. "Hai Sensei." He said with respect but had a slight smile. She can only guess it might have been the compliment she gave to his father and smiled softly to herself as he walked over to where the mats were helping her sit down. She knew she was able to sit down herself but she did not complain. She did not want to show any disrespect to anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.

" See you in a bit I guess. I'll be able to hear what was talked about but don't worry I won't get mad at you." She heard him whisper to her before turning to leave the room. She felt confused when he said that arching her brow before shaking her head. 'Will some of the questions his father might ask will pertain to Raph as well? I guess I'll see soon enough.' She thought before looking over at splinter whom had just sat down in front of her smiling slightly at her.

"So um… I guess you wanted me to come so I can fill you in on whatever Raph has not told you sir?" She asked arching a brow. The rat man nodded. "Yes, please just call me Splinter though. What is your name miss?" He tells her and she nodded with a soft grin. "My name is Shenderrah. What is it you wish to know? I will try to tell you everything you have questions of." She told him her first name figuring since he had called his son by his full name that it would be fruitless to insist on him calling her by her nickname. Not that she minded in the least. It would be nice to be called by her full name by someone who chooses not to use nick names.

The brown eyed mutant in front of her, whom she guessed to be in a least his mid-thirties or early forties, nodded stroking his beard thoughtfully. "Hmm, let's start with before you had been captured and lead up to when the both of you escaped the building. I would like to know more about the person whom my son had worked together with to escape the building before you were caught." He spoke in a tone that said she can reveal as much or as little as she wished. The girl hesitate for a moment but she nod. "It is going to be difficult for me to talk about but it may help me get over it. Well, more than I had in the past three years anyways." She admitted rubbing her arm slightly before looking up at him.

"Whenever you are ready to begin my child." He says in a comforting tone helping her to relax a bit causing her to smile sadly and nod. After she showed some struggle in her expression for a few minutes she had figured out how she wanted to tell him about herself.

"I was a human once before. I had actually been asked out on a date earlier the day I had gotten mutated, the first one I had even been asked on. I was unsure how to feel about it then because I had a conflict of emotions, most of them telling me that the guy whom had asked me out was bad news. I was walking home and came across the boy whom had asked me out making out with another girl. I had then realized my instinct was right and that he was going to try to use me a side girl. Being the person that I was then it had infuriated me. I went right up to him and punched him in the face breaking his nose. When his girlfriend got mad at me I told her my reason for doing it and that I was just trying to teach him a lesson. To not try to cheat on his girlfriend and collect other girls like me for some side pleasures. She had then understood why I had done this and broke up with him leaving him behind with me.

As you could understand if you have met people like this guy he was mad that he was caught and lost both girls he was after. But he was mostly mad at me. Turns out his father worked with these things, pink alien brain blobs that call themselves the Kraang and have horrible English. A few days after the incident he had cornered me with the aliens who I had thought were men at the time. I tried to fight my way out of it but they had overpowered me because as a human, they were much stronger with their robotic suits. The aliens had dragged me into a van and transported me to one of their bases. There the Kraang… experimented on me. Injecting numerous chemicals into my body to the point I thought I was going to die from the various things I had inside me madding me feel my insides were melting while I was trapped strapped to a table.

It was then they poured this stuff I now know is called mutagen on me. Whatever pain I thought I was in had increased tenfold. I had lost consciousness while my mutation took place and by the time I woke back up I was in a cell. Inside the cell they had run a series of test, trying to find out my limits. The mutation had increased my speed and my strength to the point if used in a conflict, I realized, could seriously harm someone. Possibly even kill someone if I was not careful. Eventually they had me strapped down again. This time though they had… decided that it would be best to inject things into my mind. From what I can tell what they injected was supposed to do three things.

It was supposed to do was to make me be able to fight in any fighting style that I would need in an attack, to increase my ability to observe my surrounding to use them to my advantage, and to control my movements so I would serve them. The first two things they had desired had worked. Unfortunately for them my mind was resistant somehow to their mind control chip they had implanted in my mind due to unforeseen effects of my mutation. They had order for me to be 'erased' since they deemed I would no longer be useful against their enemy, whom I am guessing is your sons from the way the spoke about them, well that and referring to them as 'the turtles'."

She paused for a moment closing her eyes her hands clinched causing her knuckles to turn white. "I panicked at first, I did not want to die. Then I had gotten angry. Very very angry. I broke free of my restraints and thanks to the two chips that did work that were lodged into my brain I was able to fight my way out of the building I was trapped in for over six months. I was barely able to regain myself before I charged into the city. The state I was in then.. I could have seriously harmed someone…." She opened her eyes looking down at her hands relaxing them looking at her palms.

"I had live in the outskirts of the city for the past two years. Training myself so I could get used to my new body, and learn how to control my temper so I would not harm anyone because of it. It was very difficult, and still is sometimes but I have found a way to keep myself from going crazy super destructive force of nature. Honestly, even though I feel I am better at it now than I was then, it still scares me that I may lose control.. and hurt an innocent person unfortunate enough to be in my warpath if I am ever in that mode again.

I had only just informed my parents and younger brother that I was alive seven months ago. After some convincing on my part I was really their daughter, they calmed down after processing everything I had decided to tell them. I only told them the basics because I did not want them to fear me. They wanted me to stay with them but I told them I couldn't but I would stay in touch. They did not like it but they agreed after I told them it was for their own safety in case something should happen and they became in danger because of me… either by someone trying to use them to make me fall in line which is what I told them so they would not make me stay…. Or myself if I lost it…"

She felt her eyes well up a little bit with tears as she closed her hands slightly. She forced herself not to cry. At least not yet. She did not want to start crying because she knew if she did she would not be able to finish telling the ninja master what he wanted to know. Taking in a breathe she let out a shaky sigh. "It was a couple days after that the men that call themselves the 'Mutant Collectors' broke into the place I had converted into a makeshift home for myself. If it had not of been the combination of more forces than I could handle on my own with a dart that was packed with anesthesia like sedatives I would have probably defeated them… wither or not I would have been able to keep myself from killing them if I had given into my anger I do not know.

They decided though that I was too much trouble to keep in their private selections with other female mutants they deemed that were… pretty enough to satisfy themselves. In a way I am glad that they decided that because if they stole that from me…. It would have broken me more than the day I was mutated…" She as she spoke her voice softening.

"The other females that were trapped in the building those perverted poachers were there for so long that they enjoyed themselves it seemed. At least it was from what they told me and how those girls acted. I am not sure if they are being mind controlled or if they had told themselves that to stay sane. I did not have much time to figure it out because I was shipped to the scientist's laboratory that I had met Raph in two months later.

The scientist's name is Doctor Fisk, if you can call a man like that a doctor. He claims he wants to make a super solider army. For what reasons I know not. From what I understand he originally wanted to try and clone me. I had spent a lot of time trying to escape without losing control. Even though people like him disgusted me I was not going to let myself get mad enough to murder someone unless I had no choice."

The female mutant shook slightly as she quickly wiped her eyes feeling not only the eyes of the father of the red clad's sympathy on her but the eyes of the one whom had brought her here in the first place to have her tell the rat mutant what the scientist was up to. What he was feeling about she had to go through she knew not but she needed to tell his father the rest of what she knew. Figuring since he was squeamish with specific topics. She remembered when she first saw Raph and the surprise she had felt at that moment making her smile softly.

"About five days ago I met your son. Now when I first met Raph they had him unconscious, so they could transport him without him harming them I bet. They used him as dead weight to push onto of me after I had tried to ambush them when they opened the door. When I saw them holding him I was surprised which they took advantage of. Hence why they were able him on me making me fall back into the room. When he first woke up he was angry, thinking I was working with the ones whom had me trapped there." She could not help laughing softly. "I guess thinking back I would have felts the same way. Though it did not stop me from getting annoyed and smacking him knocking him back onto his shell."

"After they had flooded the room with a gas to knock us out he had woken up first, and I am guessing was trying to find a way to get out of the room on his own intuition before trying to wake me up. There was a spot in the room that was weakened. Mostly because I had loosened the wall in that area myself several other times by pushing it. But since they had always gassed the room before I could break the wall I gave up trying to break out through there. But I figured that maybe if your son and I worked together we could break the wall before they could knock us out. Turns out, my hunch was right. I thought then that Raph would have left on his own and left me there honestly. Because at the time I did not know anything about him other than he was quick to judge and had a fiery temper." She glanced towards the entrance to the dojo seeing the pair of emerald green eyes peering into the room.

"He surprised me yet again, grabbing my arm and ran ahead of me trying to not only get himself free. But to get me out as well even though he barely knew me. I saw that yes, he did have a temper, was quick to action more than observing the situation before acting. But he also had a conscious and a good heart inside him. It was then I knew that we would be able to get out of there. I put my faith in him even though I did not have the chance to tell him that, I think he could possibly be able to stop me if I lose myself to my inner rage." She looked up into the brown eyes of the mutant before her with her vibrant blue ones.

"When we reached the entrance of the building. The scientist had his men that he hired in the lobby before we could try to exit. The scientist spoke to use… mockingly. Mostly directed towards me before he revealed how he intended to try to get his super soldiers until he was able to create clones.… He wanted us to… in his words umm…. 'breed'…. Either that or if we did not cooperate force it using modern means.. " She stated to shift feeling awkward herself for having to say it in that way looking away from the older mutant whom had a mixed expression on his face. She heard shifting outside and figured the red clad felt just as awkward having to think about that situation.

"Thankfully, I was able to clear a path so we could get out of there before he could try anything. After that things got a bit blurry since I had been hit by a tranquilizer dart. At least until nightfall when I woke up." She forced herself to look up at the ninja master.

"After a while we introduced ourselves and eventually returned to the city. I owe your son a lot. If it had not been for him, I probably would still be stuck there… I hope I told you everything you needed to know." She said softly playing with her hair a little bit as she bit her lower lip.

The rat master nodded. "Yes, it has helped me gain a better understanding of our enemy. I am sorry for what you had to go through young one. No one should ever have to go through the things you were forced to go through." He tells her as he rested his hand on her head smiling softly.

"If you are okay with it, I would like for you to stay here with me and my sons. I am sure I shall help you gain the control you want to have so you will no longer fear yourself."

She stared at him in shock, she had half expected him to have Raph take her out of his home back to the room she was left in the night before but offered instead a place to stay. She could not help it now as tears slid from her eyes as she leaned forward hugging him. This had surprised the rat master but had hugged her back in return.

"I would like that but… you sure it is okay…" She says as she tried to get her tears to stop not wanting to be an emotional mess. She hears him chuckle slightly at her question as he patted her head.

"Shenderrah, I would not have offered if I was not sure. You have a strong spirit and a kind soul. I am more than willing to try to help you overcome your inner demons." She heard his say to her and she ended up letting go of the control on her emotions allowing all the tears and sorrow she had repressed and held back from everything she had endured flow out as she cried into the robe of the one whom was hugging her.

"T-thank you…" She said softly as he rubbed her back. It felt so soothing, like what her parents had done when she was younger when either of them were around. She could not help a slight smile as she pulled back a little bit rubbing her eyes looking tired.

"Raphael, would you take Shenderrah to the room April had used whenever she comes down to spend the night when she visits. She needs to get some well-deserved rest." He said standing up to leave the dojo. He walked over to his son who now stood in the doorway setting his hand on his shoulder before proceeding out of the room leaving the two of them alone.
Hahaha! Raph you little tard! You love messing with your brothers! Hehe! :D And Leo... What is going though your mind. Anyways figured in this chapter it would have my muse's back story. (least for the tmnt 2012 dimension.) The emotions in this chapter... had me in tears writing it.
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