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He stared at her for a moment, trying to figure out what he should say to her. She has had a rough life. And some of the things she had told his father had angered him. Not her herself, but the Kraang and the asshole that had turned her over to the Kraang.

She had also surprised him when she said her impressions of him. And how even though they barely knew each other she trusted that he himself may have been capable to stop her if she lost herself to her anger. She was something else. He sighed walking over to her and picked her up.

"… Listen um…. I'm.. sorry.. About what you've had to go through…" He said in a soft tone as he headed to the room that April stayed in when she chose to sleep over. He glanced down at her to see she was staring at him slightly. "It's not your fault… thing happen sometimes." She said softly leaning her head on his chest looking thoroughly exhausted. He smiled warily as he nudged the door open walking inside.

"I'll come by later to see if you reawakened if you want so you can eat something…" He said as he set her down on the bed, pulling the covers over her. She blushed slightly her eyes half open as she smiled tiredly.

"Okay… thank you Raph…" She said barely loud enough for him to hear as she dozed off. He felt his eyes soften slightly as he watched her sleep for a moment before shaking his head walking out of the room shutting the door behind him quietly.

"…. Looks like we have a new person living in our home with us…" He said looking up at the ceiling of his home. He was not sure if he should feel happy… or concerned..

A long time had passed before she began to stir a little bit. She opened her eyes looking around the room she was in before sitting up rubbing her eyes letting out a yawn. 'How long was I out for?' She questioned herself mentally as she hoisted herself up balancing on her good foot before limping over to the door.

She peaked outside of the room and saw the lights were all out before she opened the door. She hobbled down the hall quietly before she saw what looked like a kitchen and smiled softly looking at the time on the clock in there.

"Hmm… five thirty am huh… figures…" She said softly to herself. Her expression brightened slightly though. "Maybe I can make them something for breakfast as a thank you? I don't need to stand on two feet to cook." With that statement to herself in mind she felt herself get filled with determination as she checked the kitchen to see where things were located.

She had opened the freezer last and stared at the sight she had not expected. She blinked at the cat made of ice cream as it meowed at her. She smiled slightly as she pet it making the cat made of dairy products purr before shutting the freezer door.

"That was different… not in a bad way though.. wonder who owns the mutant cat.." She said softly with a shake of her head refocusing on her self-driven task. She got out eggs bacon and a variety of vegetables as well as some spices. "An omelet is a good first meal to make for them.. I can make some orange juice as well with some apple butter toast….. Ugh I really need to stop talking to myself.."

She shook her head slightly as she got out the oranges and the tools to cook with. By the time she had almost completed the meal she heard the first door open to reveal the blue masked turtle who was staring at her in shock. She smiled brightly at him.

"Good morning…. I hope you do not mind me fixing breakfast for you and everyone else… I woke up not too long ago and wanted to surprise everyone…" She said to him while balanced on her good foot. He arched a brow at her walking over.

"…. Donnie likes coffee… if you want him to wake up a pot of it needs to be brewed… Thank you for this. I have to be honest I thought it was my brother Mikey cooking. Though he usually is not up this early now that I think about it… I'll go get everyone up so it can be enjoyed hot.." The smoky blue eyed turtle says warily to her making her arch her brow as she watched him walk off towards where the rooms were. She shrugged and set to making coffee like he had suggested.

In a matter of minutes after the coffee was brewed what the eldest turtle had said came to pass as the purple masked turtle came into the room looking super tired and making groan sounds. She thought of a zombie and could not help a giggle. He looked in her direction with blurry eyes before waking up more. "Oh…. Morning…" He said with a yawn as he poured himself a cup.

"Morning Doc." She said with a grin causing him to smile. "Hmm.. just wondering why do you like calling me that?" He asked as he sipped the cup of joe. She smiled at him. "Cause you seem doctor like. Just that smart and gentle vibe I got from you."

The words she spoke made him shake his head as his smile turned into a grin. "Guess I got to get used to the nick name Doc.." He say with a chuckle. She smirked slightly. "Only when I am in a super cheerful mood." She says with a wink before handing him a plate just as the blue masked one returned with his other two brothers and their father.

"wow this smells great! Mfph numph.. And tastes amazing!" The youngest said as he grabbed a plate sitting down and started eating immediately making her laugh slightly at his reaction. His eagerness had caused his other brothers to try the meal as well and they were surprised slightly. She noticed Raph did not say much. She figured he was not a morning person and shrugged.

"I wanted to thank your father for offering for me to stay.. so I figured I would fix something since I had got up before everyone… nothing big…" She said as she moved slowly over to the table taking a seat that must have been added to the table the night before set between the red and purple masked turtle.

She heard the rat chuckle at her she glanced at him. "There was no need to try to do something as a thank you young one. Thank you for the meal you have prepared though for now on until your injury is healed completely you should not try to cook meals or do anything that would cause strain to it. Otherwise it will take longer to heal"

She heard him tell her causing her to flush slightly as she looked at her food and nodded. She was reminded of her own father from the way he spoke to her…. Only her father would have more yell in it about whenever she tried to do too much while she was hurt.

She smiled softly looking up at the ninja master. "Alright. I will try to not over do it." She promised him and he nodded. The rest of the meal three of the four brothers talked. Occasionally the red masked one spoke but only if the conversation had him pulled into it. She just ate quietly as she watched them not really paying full attention to their conversation.

She was kind of lost in thought. 'This has to be a dream. To good to be true. I will wake up alone in that cell trapped there forever.' She thought after she finished her meal before she pinched her arm slightly under the table so they would not see and she winced. 'Okay not a dream..'

"Shen you alright?" She heard the one called Donnie ask her who war to her right. She looked at him and nodded with a small smile. "Yeah Doc I'm fine. My foot that is sprained kind of fell asleep and when I moved it it felt like I had someone practicing acupuncture on me. "

"Ah! That sucks. Hey Shen you wanna watch us spar?" She looked across the table at the nun-chuck wieldier and smiled nodding. "Sure sounds like fun." She said watching him light up as he quickly finished eating.

After everyone had eaten she saw the second eldest gather the dishes. "You want some help?" She asked smiling slightly at him and he shook his head. "Naw, you did enough helping for today. You need to relax and stay off your foot as much as possible. Wait here I will help you to the dojo after I've taken care of the dishes." She frowned slightly at him as she watched his shell retreat over to the sink and the other four mutants head to the dojo. She silently got up and went over towards the dojo feeling a bit stubborn.

'I am not a weakling. I may have a sprain but it is not really that bad. I agree that standing for long periods is not good but I sure as hell can walk to the different places in the lair with no problem!' She thought to herself just before she got scooped up by none other than the red masked ninja Raphael. She was about to complain when she saw the look he gave her shutting her up.

"….." She huffed crossing her arms looking away from his eyes. He said nothing as he walked the rest of the way to the dojo setting her down by the tree where she would be out of the way. "….. Thank you.." She said softly her scowl fading.

"Just don't try that again." He said in a grumbily tone heading over to his brothers and father. She pursed her lips slightly before sighing. This was going to be a long day.
Oh Shen, he was not trying to be bossy. You have been alone for to long. :| Also I have a theory. About why Raph has a roller coaster of emotions. He is has empathetic powers but does not know it. In other words he can feel others emotions and those emotions tend to overwhelm his already strong ones making it hare to control his outbursts. Which is why when he is by himself or with a pet it is easier for him to calm down rather than around others, and it explains a lot with his fiery temper. :P So if you see me typing Raph's emotions I am playing with my head canon. :D :3
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