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He felt his blood boiling. 'Why did Shen do that? She was just told she should not push herself. I just told her to wait and I would take her to the dojo myself. UGH! I do not understand females! One minute they are calm and cooperative and the next they pull this crap. As much as it hurt that Mona Lisa had chosen to get together with the past version of myself if women of any race is like this I am glad I do not have to deal with a girlfriend….. wait.. Why did I just think of her? I have forced myself not to think about her for the past year so why did I start to think about…..'

He glanced at the female mutant sitting on a mat next to his ninja master. Her expression was blank but he could tell that in her eyes was a fiery stubbornness. It reminded him of a look that he saw his ex-girlfriend have on more than one occasion, the last time was when she was trying to convince him to leave earth with her when she was dissatisfied with the planet he grew up on.

His expression contorted, remembering also the next day his past version of himself and his brothers returned. It was alright at first, until his past version told Mona that he was missing space just to get on her good side. It had worked because not only had Mona broke up with him the night they had gotten together, but he saw when he went to find her to ask for another chance his past self and the person he thought he would be willing to try to save the relationship they had kiss each other right before he Mona and the past versions of his brother's and Friends get on fugitoids ship returning to space, shattering his world as he watched them leave. He never told his brothers or anyone what had happened. He swore to forget about her and pretend he never met her.

'Shen is not Mona, her personality is completely different… so what is she making me think of her?' He felt very confused which only fueled his irritated mood. "Great, just great…" He grumbled to himself forcing himself to block Shen's presence out of his mind along with the memories of the woman who broke his trust and his heart the second time, focusing on the sparring lesson at hand. Last man standing. Perfect just what he needed to get off his anger steaming within himself.

"Hajime" His father stated for the lesson to begin. He launched himself at the eldest first not wanting to have to deal with him last. Growling loudly he flips his brother over his shoulder to the wall, making his blue masked sibling groan. He then turned to the other two.

"Jeez Raph your extra crabby today…" The youngest said gulping as he defeated the tallest of the four of them. Raph forced a smirk as he popped his joints. "Come on little brother you know I like to win." He said in a low tone before leaping at the orange mask turtle, grabbing his ankle and spun him releasing him realizing only to late the direction he let his brother go. Right towards the direction the light green brunette mutant girl.

"Oh shit!" He hissed to himself ran forward to catch his brother when he saw her launch herself up with her good leg grabbing a hold of a branch hoisting her body up on it. He stared up at her with a stunned expression before rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "Yame. Raphael. You need to be more careful!" He stared at his feet in silence.

"Hai sensei… " He responded as he saw her drop down landing on her good leg maintaining balance. 'She is much more agile than I thought. I wonder if Sensei will have her train with us after she heals up.' He glanced at his father and back at her walking over to her. "Sorry I launched Mikey at you… I should have been paying more attention…" He said not looking at her until he heard her laugh.

"It's okay Raph. I know you did not try to on purpose…. Sorry about um.. you know… I just…. I'm going to have to get used to not being taken care of by anyone… guess I had stubborn moment.." She said to him in apology. He stared at her when she had said this to her.

"…. Um… it's okay… I'm pretty stubborn when I am injured too.. " He said glancing away. He saw his brothers leave the dojo. "Come on… Let's get to the living room there may be something good on tv." He told her offering an arm to hold onto figuring she would want to try to walk.

"Hmm, okay sound like a good idea." She said taking his extend arm with her own slender one. He walked out with her glancing at he a couple times. 'What's wrong with me? I am feeling strange.. I can't explain it… Ah shell I wish I knew because I do not know what I should do.'
Now Raphael and Mona Lisa pairing fans calm down! I am a neutral about the pairing and can see plus's on either side. I just think that the show rushed the romance to fast. Real love takes time. Their love is more of a puppy love or infatuation. If the show did it right I would have no complaints. Besides this story is not about Raph and Mona being together it is about My muse and Raph from a tumblr rp. :| So put down your torches. This had to be typed out.
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reddragon122 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work
TurtleChix Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
need to get to work on chapter two. Thinking about bringing Shikigami and Karai into the chapter with April and have them interact with my tumblr muse and stuff.... need to watch the new episode but I am wary since Leo is probably going to get in big trouble and his shell served to him.
reddragon122 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dear
Leo why you being problematic
TurtleChix Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm Yep... Leo problems... :|
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