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Chapter Ten
The Six Tests part one

I tap the desk with my fingers as I am lost in thought. What I am thinking about is not the meeting of the guys themselves, but the man that had came along just before April and I left. It bothered me that he looked and sounded so… terrified. I know I know, probably reading too much into it. But…. It almost seemed like he was scared of me because when he saw my face his cocky confidence went away immediately. I wonder if it has something to do with my doppelganger.

"Hey Shenderrah are you alright? You look kind of serious in thought or something." I hear April ask and I look at her managing a reassuring smile. I wish I could have someone to tell about this, but until I have proof of where she is I cannot say anything about it. After all it would make me look insane if I have no proof.

"I'm fine… just thinking about that gang member guy from this morning that ran away in terror…. It is bugging me a bit for some reason.." I say soft enough that only she could her. She nodded slightly as if understanding my explanation.

"Well like Mikey said it is probably cause he realize who he was against or something. You do not have to worry about it." She responded softly in return with a slight smile.

"Miss O'Neil and Miss Athanas would you like to share with the class what you find more interesting than the class lesson." The teacher, Mr Knight, asked us making us both sit strait and ridged. Oh crud…

"Oh it was nothing…... We were just talking about how we narrowly escaped a thug this morning on the way to school…. It was kind of making me a little out of it.." I say as honestly as possible. April nodded agreeing with my answer since it is basically close to what we were talking about. The teacher's irritable expression softens slightly.

"Ah, well be sure to talk about things after the lesson is completed or between classes. If you wish I could arrange for you to be able to talk to the school therapist?" He says calmly and then offers a suggestion to try to help. I smile a soft awkward smile.

"Thanks but my parents already have a personal one that they have arranged to stop by. I appreciate the offer though. We will try not to disturb your lesson anymore." I tell him appreciatively. April and I focus on paying attention to the teacher so much so we do not notice a couple of beings view in from outside the classroom.

"Are you sure this other world version of that girl is up to the task to replace her…. She seems kind of weak. Not like the other one." A male voice came from white and green glowing form similar to the ones that had been seen in the dreams of the person he is questioning the other being whom he was with that is white and blue female.

"You should not judge a book by its cover. Besides she would not be here if she did not have the culpability to use the abilities to save this world with the others that were selected. But if you wish to see if she is able to handle herself we could set up the tests of kindness, courage, intuition, loyalty, temperament, purity, and sacrifice to see if she can has the six qualities that help one along the path to unlock their powers stored in the crystal." A feminine voice stated as she arched a brow at her companion. "Her doppelganger had managed to pass, I am sure she would too."

The male pondered what was put forth. "Very well. We are here to observe and help when needed though it would not hurt to have the tests put forth. We have to be careful we are not seen though, since this is not our world." He says with a slight smirk. "Remember what happened last time Lafa?"

The woman blushed slightly. "Wath I thought we had agreed never to speak of that again!" The man just chuckled as he descended downwards and gave himself a appearance of a teenage boy. Lafa had done the same and is glaring at her partner. He just shrugged before they both enter the building.

Class had ended and we had left the room. "I need to go to the restroom for a moment see you in the next class." I tell April with a slight smile. She nodded and grinned. "Sure see you in class!" She heading off in the opposite direction I went. I turn to head towards where the bathrooms are when I see a girl crying slightly. I furrow my brow slightly as I see others passing by her not caring about the girl they are walking past. 'Well, I guess it would not hurt to see what the problem is. She just may be having a bad day and could use a hug.' I go over to where she was.

"Hey…. Are you okay?" I ask her. She looked over at me, tears streaking her olive colored skin from her bright blue eyes.

"Yes… no… I don't know…" She says rubbing her eyes. My eyes soften slightly in sympathy.

"What happened? Maybe I can help, if you would like to have my help.." I say with a comforting smile. I watch the girl sniffle for a moment as she tries to calm down.

"I-I lost my necklace… My mother gave it to me for my birthday. It was the last present she gave to me before she passed away last year. It means the world to me and now it is gone." She says tearing up again. My heart twinges slightly as I thought of my own mother. I hug the girl.

"It's okay. I will help you find it. It has to be around here somewhere. It could be in lost and found." I tell her reassuringly. A mother's gift is precious. And if it is the last gift she ever got I can see why it would cause her to have a meltdown. I would have one to if I was in her situation. I pull back and look at the girl.

"R-really? You think it will be there?" She asked me smiling softly her eyes filling up with hope. I grin and nod taking her arm and softly tugging it towards the lost and found.

"I am sure of it." I tell her with confidence. In a couple minutes we reach the lost and found. I open the bin and take out a bag of jewelry. We go though it to see if it is there.

"Is this it?" I inquire and she nodded smiling brightly. I examine the chain and notice that the loop had popped loose and is connected to the lobster claw.

"Look like you need to get the chain fixed. Hang on I'll see if I can fix it." I tell her getting into my bag and pulling out a couple jewelry pliers. I carefully take the loop and reattach it to the chain. "There all fixed." I tell her helping get put back on her neck.

"Be sure to take it to a repair shop after school to make sure it is not going to happen again." I suggest to her. She smiled and hugged me.

"Thank you! I will." She says then head off in the opposite direction. The 5 minute bell rang soon after. "Well so much for going to the restroom." I say as I head to class so I was not late.

"Looks like she accomplished two parts of the things that would allow her to be able to use the crystal's powers. She has kindness and intuition." Lafa stated after she sat next to him in the back of the classroom the girl they were testing was about to come to.

"Appears so. Let's see how she is going to fair with the other qualities before we go and confirm she is the perfect replacement. During lunch we will test her courage and temperament." Wath responded eyeing the doorway.

I quickly enter the classroom just before the class start bell rang. I quietly go to my seat at the two person table in the chemistry class next to April.

"Cutting it close?" She says arching her brow. I smile sheepishly.

"Yeah, had to help someone that lost something precious to them… ended up not having the time to do what I needed so I guess I got to wait till lunch." I respond rubbing the back of my neck. I look up at the head of the classroom. "Looks like we are having a substitute today. It seems she is starting a movie." April noted and I nod.

"Appears that way… guess I can work on that assignment from Mr Keen's math paper." I say getting it out. April smiled and nodded. "Not a bad idea, I may as well get it over with too." I can't help but giggle softly in amusement, which for some reason gets her to start to laugh softly to. I smiled happily. It is nice to have a friend…. even if I had to be ripped from my world to have one. We stop our silliness outburst though before the substitute calls out to us and focus on the paper at hand. I was so focused on the math equations that I almost did not hear the bell that let out the class for lunch.

"About time…" April says putting her work away getting ready to go to lunch. "Come on lets go before the majority of students get there and take all the good stuff and we are left with the dregs." I hear her tell me as I put my stuff away.

"Alright. Ready." I tell her as we head to the door. We are on our way to the cafeteria when we heard a shout from down the hall. I look back to see a geek being pinned to the lockers by a couple of football jocks. Great the football jocks are the same no matter what dimension your in. April looked back too and frowned.

"If you want you can go on ahead while I give these guys a piece of my mind." I hear her tell me. I shake my head slightly. No way am I going to let her deal with that on her own.

"No it is fine, I'd like to help a little." I tell her swallowing nervously. Honestly I would rather not go into that situation, but I need to be braver if I am going to find this world's me. "You sure? You don't have to." I see her look at me surprised I am trying to go out of my comfort zone. "Yeah I'm sure. I mean what kind of friend would I be if I left you to the football sharks." I say as I take swift steps over to the jocks.

"U-u-umm… Excuse me…. D-do you think you guys cannot fight.. please?" I say my voice not wanting to be above a whisper as I softly tug one of the jocks' jacket. He looks back at me then his buddy does. I smile nervously and glance at April who came over beside me. "Seriously guys. Why harass him? He has done nothing to you. So why don't you put him down and leave him alone." April said with her arms crossed. The jocks look at each other then they both begin to laugh.

"Really? Go on to the side lines girls this is none of your business." I can tell April is starting to get irritated cause she is glaring at them. "B-but if a teacher came by seeing you both it would be bad for you, You might get kicked from the team or suspended or worse? Is doing this really worth it if you can't play in the sport you like?" I ask them starting out softly but steadily allowing my voice to stabilize so they can hear me clearly. I try to reason with them in their language to prevent a fight. They both seem to contemplate what I said and let the guy go.

"We were just messing around. Though I would rather die than try to explain to my dad why I am not in school. Later shortie." The black haired jock says ruffling the geeky looking guy's hair before heading off with his friend following. "Thank you guys" He says to us with gratitude. I smile awkwardly. "Sure…no problem. Though um.. If you stop wearing the plaid vest shirts it may draw less attention to you. I like it but it is the number one thing that bully like people look for to harass." I say cautiously to him.

"I'll keep that in mind, thanks again." He says as he walks away. I look at April. "Looks like we are going to have to get something from outside the school… I am sure if I call my mom she will send something over for us. Has to be better than school lunch." I tell her to brighten her mood a little. It worked cause she grinned. "Sounds like a plan to me."

I nod and take out the phone that was given to me and dial my mother.

"Well… Seems like she passed those test too and prevented a fight. Looks like you were wrong Wath." Lafa says looking at the person whom she was speaking too. The green eyed guy shook his head.

"We won't know for sure until she goes through the tests of loyalty purity and sacrifice. We will test those three a little later today after observing her more. We may have to get our hands dirty though to pull the sacrifice off though." He responded to his blue eyed counterpart.

"… I think after we observe her we should do all three to test her. It would be more direct but hey would be far more simple to achieve. We would have to change our forms though to befit the situation she will be in." She says frowning slightly. She hated that part of the tests but it has to be done.
The tests are of a person's traits of kindness, courage, intuition, loyalty, temperament, purity, and sacrifice. The test of kindness is to see if she will be willing to help someone suffering or if she lacks the compassion to do anything, courage to see if she is able to muster up the bravery to stand up for what is right, intuition to see if she can find a solution to either a problem or a situation and is able to follow through with it, loyalty to see if she will turn over a secret in order to be able to get something she wants, temperament to see how quick she is to anger or if she can keep her cool, purity to see if her heart is pure or if she has darkness in her, and sacrifice if she is willing to risk herself to help someone in trouble.

Does she have all of them? We shall see.
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