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Chapter 13
Not From Here

Shen's pov:

I start to stir slightly, my vision blurry as I start to wake up taking in my surroundings. It is Saturday I think? Since yesterday was Friday. Stretching slightly she started to curl into the covers not feeling like waking up just yet breathing in the smell of a blended scent of cedar, leather, and musk. My eyes snap open as I sit up with a startled expression on my face.

"…. I'm in… Raph's room…." I say aloud to myself in shock not believing it as I look around from where I sat taking in every detail. In my mind I can hear on repeat a whole bunch of `whatwhatwhat's` as I am trying to process how I got here from being on the roof top with the four turtle brothers the night before.

My gaze settles on a piece of paper on the nightstand beside me. Furrowing my brow I reach over picking it up I see what looks like me holding my thumbs up with a smile drawn on it and an arrow pointing to the side with the words scrawled on `turn over`. Arching a brow I turn it over and see there is a lot of writing on the back.

I'm not really all that good at saying sorry. But I had judged you a bit too harshly. You actually are a good person… I guess I was acting the way I did because I don't trust new people easy, and it does not help that I feel like you are hiding something from us. But some who would leave their home in the middle of the night to find me and my brothers because of a dream that they feared had actually happened, despite the fact it was just a dream, goes to show you really do care about us and are not pretending to care so you can either try to turn us in to a lab or want to use us for a thrill.

You do not have to tell us what it is you are keeping secret right now, you can tell us when you feel you're ready to. Just thought I would try to apologize. It seems it is easier to do it this way and not with words face to face. I hope you can forgive me, and I promise I will at least try to not be a mega ass if you decide you want to hang out with us more often. Also, figured I would return the favor of the picture you did of me with one of you. If you tell my brothers though I'll pop you over the head haha!

Just kidding. Kind of,

I feel my lips twitch slightly as I turn the page over and look at the picture he drew again. I can't help a genuine smile forming on my face. I set it back on the nightstand for a moment as I get out of his bed and remake it so he would not have to. I wonder to myself if he had gotten any sleep at all the night before when they returned home and I frown softly.

'He did not have to let me sleep in his bed.. I would have been fine on the couch or something..' I thought as I picking up the picture turning it over looking at the words he wrote again as I bit my lower lip. 'How am I going to tell him, let alone his brothers, my secret without them thinking I am nuts. I mean I knew I was going to tell them eventually but Raph is right. They deserve to know. Especially if the girl in my dream really is my double.'

"Oh you're up…" I hear the voice of the red clad turtle who's room I am in causing I squeak slightly whirling around blinking at him with a startled expression. Taking deep breaths I place a hand over my heart. "Jeez! If it is not my younger brother scaring me half to death it is someone else. I really need to pay attention to my surroundings better!" I say trying to smile letting him know I spook easy no matter who it is. I do not want him to have to apologize for scaring me.

"Oh really? Haha your funny." He said with amusement in his voice and expression. I rub the back of my neck smiling awkwardly. "So um…. Is there somewhere we can talk… I think it is only fair that I tell you what you want to know, since you knew I have a secret… I do not really feel like I can talk about it with your brothers yet… at least without sounding nuts.." I say glancing away from him to the ground.

The room becomes tense with silence before he stepped over to the door peering out for a moment shutting the door walking over to his bed and sat down. "I'm listening." He says crossing his arms. I look at him shifting slightly, not sure if this is a good idea but knew I had to do it since I said I would share my secret.

"I'm not from… this dimension… I do not know how I got here or why I was ripped away from my world but it seems from what I had been told so far by some weird glowing alien people that I've been brought here to replace my doppelganger, where ever she had disappeared to. I do not know where she is, but I wanted to try to find her so she could be reunited with her family. I thought that doing that may have been the reason for my being here at first. Until the dream I had last night. Where she had harmed you and yours brothers, I don't know for sure if it was a warning from the future or just my mind playing tricks on me.

It has made me doubt wither or not it is a good idea to try and find her, at least with the help of you and your brothers. I was going to tell you and your brothers and ask for help to find her but now… I don't know what to do. If she really is dangerous as she was in my dream she has to be stopped before she harms anyone… or any more people… But at the same time I don't want you or your brothers to be added to the number of people she has harmed if she has become a soul sucking half demon… Do I sound crazy to you? Because I have been trying to rationalize what has happened to me and not feel like I am going nuts.."

I say partly feeling a burden being lifted off of me that I have now finally told someone about what I have been struggling with. It is true what I told him. Though unless he asks about my dimension, I am not going to say much about it. I stare at Raph, whom is sporting a perplexed expression as he is processing what I told him.

"…. I think I can see why you were keeping it to yourself…. To a normal person it would sound crazy like you had lost your mind. Then again it would sound just as crazy if you said you were hanging out with mutant turtles in the sewers to someone on the surface… " He said with a sigh rubbing the back of his neck. I rub my arm slightly.

"I do not think your dream is real about this dimension's you though. It is a weird dream to have but I do not think she would do that if she is anything like you. If you want I can tell my brothers what you told me. Maybe Donnie can find a way to help you return home…"

I stare at him. "You believe me?" I say sounding surprised and he laughed. "Yeah. I have seen things the past few weeks that make me see that anything is possible." I can't help a smile as I hug him. "Thank you, you have no idea how much I've wanted to tell someone about this. I really hate lying and keeping secrets." I say before realizing how that sounded pulling back a bit.

"At least ones like the one I had been keeping about where I am really from. I can keep the secret about you and your family's secret about your existence without a guilty feeling in my gut." I say smiling gratefully. He laughed slightly again rubbing the back of his neck glancing away.

"It's no problem… I am just glad your secret was not something more destructive to me and those I care about." He stood up gesturing to the door. "We better head out before Mikey starts cooking breakfast for you as well as us… his tastes in the morning is 50 50 on wither or not it comes good, well, on anything he cooks actually." I smile softly as I giggle a bit following him out of the room.

"Maybe I can stop by a restaurant and order carry out? My treat since I kind of drama bombed you and your brothers last night from my bad dream freak out."

I offer to try to make up for the night before. "Sorry by the way for you having to put me in your bed, you must have not gotten very much sleep." I bit my lower lip a bit my brow furrowing. He looks at me with an arched eye ridge. "Don't worry about it. I can sleep anywhere just fine. Sides it is the first time a girl slept in my bed." He says to me with a smirk and I feel my face flush deep red as I swat his arm playfully. "Oh you… You're lucky I am weak and powerless otherwise your shell would be grass." I say with a smile and he laughed at me. I shake my head slightly.

Well, looks like I might be able to head home after all.
Awe Raphie! :) You can be a big teddy when you wanna be. :3
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