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Nickalodean style turtles is being written by the shippers :B
I mean don't get me wrong, It is great that the guys are finally able to act like real teens / guys.
But look at the pairs. (words only no links)



and now MikeyXRenet(No not gay like the MikeyXLeatherhead pairings... seriously don't understand that one btw)

I am super curious to see who they are going to bring forth for Raph.... (better not be that lizard lady that looks tooooo old for him in the picture that you know who let slip up or some fox lady. The only way a lizard chick would work is if she is his age cause you can pair minors with college plus aged peoples)
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nichan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015
Well, I do know the people that work on this series ARE fans of the turtles and have a vast knowledge of the lore. As for shipping choices... not sure what influenced them for each of those. Lol
TurtleChix Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I know why they gave April to Donnie instead of Raph, cause they felt Donnie's character needed something to seem more interesting (and figured it would be easier to make him do romantic stuff without many fans blowing a fuse lol) And Leo it just made sense to pair him with Karai..... as for Mikey... I don't get the rumored pairing they are plotting with him and Renet (Miknet) but it works in a way... i dunno...
But now Raph is just like... odd turtle out. :( I just feel sorry for him cause he is matchless unless they bring Mona or Venus in. And Venus is a stretch cause I dunno if a lot of fans off of da would like her in there.
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